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Jennifer is an expert in generating positive public awareness. Jennifer has created communications campaigns and press relationships for many companies, including Retrevo, Wolfe Video, WeVideo, Plug and Play Tech Center, LookSmart Ltd, MerchantCircle, MarketCulture, and the Personal News Network, many of whom hired her to replace their external PR agencies. Click here to learn more about Jennifer.

A creative communicator and evangelist since childhood, Jennifer began her professional career in 1999, producing a series of instructional videos for the U.S. market. At the same time, she also advised local businesses in marketing and brand strategy. Jennifer holds a M.A. and B.A. in Broadcast and Electronic Communications Arts from San Francisco State University. She is the author of the book, 42 Rules of Social Media for Small Business, as well as articles in The Atlantic, VentureBeat, and CNBC.

In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys traveling with her husband, testing consumer electronics, recording ukulele covers of her favorite songs, puppetry, creative quilting, writing fiction, and geeking out over forgotten bits of California history.

Jennifer’s Recommendations

Jennifer is a determined and capable PR veteran who grasps the companies key business story and energetically works to get high visibility.

Bow Rodgers, CEO of Vet-Tech

Jennifer was the Business Development Co-Founder we never had. Her enthusiasm and energy matched ours. Her work directly helped us explain what we did to investors and customers, she was actively looking for ways we could do better on all fronts.

Julia Carolina, Co-Founder at Bonica

Jennifer is a communications professional who positions clients in the best possible light. Her insights are essential to not only creating communications initiatives, but keeping them on course. She cuts through to the heart of the matter to drive the best possible results and I will gladly work with her again.

Mark Weinstein, Founder of Sgrouples

Jennifer has a broad range of marketing experience that dovetails well with her PR & communications focus. She is unafraid of rolling up her sleeves, working hard, and helping others in their roles as required. Jennifer excels in an environment where she has autonomy to just get the job done.

Mark Floisand, Marketing, Sales, and Business Development Professional


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